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When it comes to Hosiery, we've been there, done that, now serving 5 tips in 5 categories ranging from Casual Wear for Your Comfort to Size Does Matter.

Turn Tired Into Trendy

Today's modern woman is all about style and comfort.
Forget about the tired and typical nude pantyhose. Dress up your day wear with colored tights or patterned stockings.
Add a pair of navy pantyhose with thin navy stripes to your typical blue suit. This look stays professional, but adds a hint of style. If your office is more casual in dress, be bold with your look. Pair a bright color pair of tights - like pink or red - with your black skirt and turtleneck outfit.


Take Control of Your Curves

Embrace your curves, ladies! Don't talk yourself into believe that control top pantyhose will shrink your hips into a too-small skirt.
Today's manufacturers realize that women come in all shapes and sizes, and they've made pantyhose for each and every one of us. If you're curvy, don't hide it. Look for shaping pantyhose that offer some control for the top, but provide a sleek and slim look for the lower leg. This type of control will give you an extra boost of confidence.


Look Sexy, Feel Sexy

Add a touch of elegance to your black cocktail dress with the right pair of pantyhose. Today's styles include a spot of shimmer and a touch of silk to enhance the elegance of basic black. For a chic look, choose a very translucent pair of nylons to wear for an evening out. A simple line down the back of the stocking or a hint of shimmer in the fabric offers a stylish, and much sexier, look.


The Power of Polish

Today is the big presentation, and you're running late. Got the suit, grab the bag, and get to the train. You leap through the turnstiles and slide into the train just as the doors are closing. You happily sigh a breath of relief, take a seat, power up the Palm Pilot and review your notes. As you cross you legs to get comfortable - SNAG - right across the metal edge sticking out from the bottom of the seat. And there it is...a hole in your pantyhose. And what's worse? It's going to run if you don't fix it. Behold the power of nail polish! One must have for women on the run is clear nail polish. Put a little dab around the hole in your pantyhose and stop the run...from running.


Fashion Faux Paus

Whether you're curvy like J-Lo or leggy like Cameron, there is a comfortable pair of pantyhose for you. The most important rule of thumb when buying pantyhose: Know thyself!
Size does matter when it comes to buying a comfortable pair of nylons.
The purpose of pantyhose is to smooth and accentuate the positive. If you buy too small, you risk optimizing the obvious. A too big pair will bunch and sag, leaving you with the bag-lady look.
The chart on the back of the package is there for a reason. Read it - use it - learn it.

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